NoordPool Hoogst Compression Fitting 10/13mm

While not the main part of a PC water cooling system, fittings are essential to it, since they enable tube connection, unifying all of the other parts into a single loop. While designing the Hoogst Compression Fitting series the engineers at NoordPool remembered that they are liquid cooling enthusiasts themselves and took upon themselves the noble goal to make the best water cooling fittings out there, which should be solid & reliable, easy & comfortable to use and also aesthetically pleasing. And they have done exactly that! (more…)

NoordPool Rustig Fan Mounts – Long Blue (RFM-LB)
NoordPool Rustig Fan Mounts - Long Blue (RFM-LB) main photo

Being a part of NoordPool’s Rustig series, the Fan Mounts – Long Blue (RFM-LB) is one of the most effective ways to decrease noise levels of running case fans, which works by isolating case fan vibration from the PC case chassis. The Rustig Fan Mounts – Long Blue set consists of four separate anti-vibration fan mounts, which are fabricated from high-quality silicone and are intended to be used instead of regular case fan mounting screws. Their beautiful navy blue design makes them look good in any PC case, no matter the style, while their affordable price makes them one of the most efficient noise-reducers, price-wise. (more…)

NoordPool Brutaal Graphics Waterblock (BGW-3)
Brutaal Graphics Waterblock (BGW-3) main photo

Made as a high-performance cooling solution, the NoordPool Brutaal Graphics Waterblock (BGW-3) embodies all of the advanced water cooling technology that was brought to life in the last years of engineering progress, such as the parallel micro-channel matrix in a copper based. While the baseplate of this water block is fabricated from copper, its main body is made form acetal — a special kind of synthetic polymer, that is known for its mechanical durability, heat resistance and low water absorption. (more…)

NoordPool Brutaal Chipset Waterblock (BCW-2)
Brutaal Chipset Waterblock (BCW-2) main photo

Designed mainly for performance, the NoordPool Brutaal Chipset Waterblock (BCW-2) utilises a state of the art approach in water block engineering, namely the parallel micro-channel matrix, most commonly found in high-performance CPU water blocks. Using a copper baseplate for maximum thermal conductivity, the main body of the Brutaal Chipset Waterblock (BCW-2) is made from acetal — a special kind of synthetic polymer, that is known for its mechanical durability, heat resistance and low water absorption. (more…)

Moving to a new, modern website

Even though NoordPool as a company is focused more on providing PC enthusiasts with top notch (but affordable) special gear and not a flashy website, we still need a modern online presence, so that you could get all the necessary information about our products, right? Yup, we thought so. So, as the new year starts, we are moving to a new website.

Currently our new website doesn’t have all of the content form the old one, and is in the middle of final development tweaks, but that’s only temporary — we’ll have it completed in no time. In the meantime you can leave your feedback on our new website, suggesting the things that you would like to see here.