NoordPool Brutaal Chipset Waterblock (BCW-2)

Designed mainly for performance, the NoordPool Brutaal Chipset Waterblock (BCW-2) utilises a state of the art approach in water block engineering, namely the parallel micro-channel matrix, most commonly found in high-performance CPU water blocks. Using a copper baseplate for maximum thermal conductivity, the main body of the Brutaal Chipset Waterblock (BCW-2) is made from acetal — a special kind of synthetic polymer, that is known for its mechanical durability, heat resistance and low water absorption.

Design of the Brutaal Chipset Waterblock (BCW-2) features a universal mounting system that is integrated into its main acetal body, making it more rigid and reliable. Changing the waterblock’s orientation enables compatibility with most motherboards that feature two or more mounting holes around the chipset. The mount system is based on the usual combination of screws, screw-nuts, springs and washers, which are included with the water block.