NoordPool Brutaal Graphics Waterblock (BGW-3)

Made as a high-performance cooling solution, the NoordPool Brutaal Graphics Waterblock (BGW-3) embodies all of the advanced water cooling technology that was brought to life in the last years of engineering progress, such as the parallel micro-channel matrix in a copper based. While the baseplate of this water block is fabricated from copper, its main body is made form acetal — a special kind of synthetic polymer, that is known for its mechanical durability, heat resistance and low water absorption.

To make the Brutaal Graphics Waterblock (BGW-3) compatible with most existing graphics cards, NoordPool engineers designed a universal mounting system, that was integrated into its main acetal body to make it rigid and reliable. Unlike most other water blocks on the market, which are sold without appropriate fittings, the Brutaal Graphics Waterblock features two angled barbed fittings, not only included in the package, but already installed! The mount system is based on the usual combination of screws, screw-nuts, springs and washers, which are included with the water block.

  • high-performance design, based on a micro-channel matrix
  • reliable structure that uses a copper base and acetal main body
  • universal mounting system, compatible with a wide variety of GPUs
  • bundled with angled barbed fittings, which are preinstalled
Product classGraphics waterblock
Materials usedCopper, acetal
Dimensions (base)50 x 50 x 13 mm
Fitting threadG1/4"
Compatibilitymounting-hole pitch of 53 — 61 mm
Included itemsWaterblocks
Angled barbed fittings, 10 mm (2 pcs)
Mounting hardware